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CES time...

Sooooo... Once again it's time for the Consumer Electronics Show; one of the largest exhibitions produced in any industry. For those not familiar with this trade show, think of it as the Detroit Auto Show of the electronics industry. It is one of the largest platforms to introduce or unveil new products and a forum to highlight emerging and trendy technology. It’s held in Vegas annually.

Supposedly, one of the trends to watch for coming out of CES this year include more wearable technology. Already a hot segment, many tech companies are trying to make the smart watch, et al, even smarter and less obtrusive. TV’s are always a hot ticket at CES, but it is the content that is expected to take center stage this year. More avenues to procure 4K contented more 4K content itself will be a prevalent theme. Dish has a new Hopper coming to market that will be 4K compliant. Look for a post on that device coming soon… Additionally, the IoT or Internet of Things will continue to be a popular topic. More “smart sensors” and “smart devices” will continue to be introduced as the category m


While I’m not a huge fan of C/Net, I’ll admit they do a pretty good job at covering the show. I’ll continue to post some highlights of the show as the week progresses…

As always, if you have any technology questions, feel free to contact C.A.V.E.S. Integration!! We love to talk about this stuff!!!


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