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Structured wiring...
Sounds Like a Plan...

Having a detailed discussion about how you go about your day and how you envision using your system is a very important element in the planning stages.

  • Details that you may think are somewhat unimportant, may actually be very important, so don't hesitate to volunteer information. 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask if something is possible.

  • Use your imagination.




Input from your architect, your interior designer, your builder or general contractor must be considered as well. At this point, design elements and aesthetic considerations will all be aggregated together, and contrasted with any potentially adverse effect that they may bring to bare on your electronic system.  These are best addressed up front...


Whether a simple theater room or fully automated space, C.A.V.E.S. Integration's CEO, Kurt Geiger, will design and engineer a system that meets of all your necessary criteria, and maybe even includes extra features and options that you didn't even know were available.




Structured wiring for audio and video is a fairly broad term. It may simply involve outfitting your space with coax cable locations for TV service, or a comprehensive pre-wire for distributed, whole house audio/video, with centrally located sources in an equipment room. Having the necessary wires in the necessary places may permit easy expansion down the road, which may ultimately save you a considerable amount of money. 


The same principles apply for telephone/data networks, CCTV, security sensors, and most most other primarily hard-wired electronic systems. While the advent of various wireless technologies has added to post-installation and retrofit possibilities, in many cases, these options pale in performance capability to their wired counterparts. Wireless options may require the use of different platforms, mitigating how seamlessly and effectively the retrofit components integrate with the devices that were initially wired into the space/system. Most importantly, wired devices tend to perform in a more reliable manner.


C.A.V.E.S. Integration will base its structured wiring recommendations off of how you think you'll use your electronic systems today, AND how you may want to use your systems in the future. Trust that the 20+ years of industry experience that our CEO possesses will be utilized to make sure that your space is both initially optimized and expandable so as to support your future desires...




Pre-construction Practices: Before The Walls Go Up...

Technology trends and standards have continued to evolve and change quickly in recent years: HDMI, 4K, 3D, streaming music, video bandwidth, iHere, Andriod there, control this, automate that... It is imperative that the first step in properly integrating your electronic system(s) is a well designed and engineered structured wiring system. Implementing this during construction will save you money, offer greater flexibility with more options, and facilitate streamlined expansion and additions in the future; all while guarding against future obsolescence. 


C.A.V.E.S. Integration would be thrilled to help you, your builder, contractor, designer, and/or architect ensure that the best quality products, subsystems, and requisite infrastructure is spec’ed for your next home or place of business.  


So remember, BEFORE you’ve finished planning your next construction project… Call the!!!

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