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Automated Lighting Control:

Turn off the lights in the basement that the kids accidentally left on… from the upstairs bedroom. Schedule the landscape lights to turn on at sunset and off at 1AM. Automatically turn on the lights when you enter a room, without ever pressing a switch. A quick glance at your iPad app lets you check to see which lights are on, their current dimmer level, and which are off throughout your home or business. These are just a few of the incredibly convenient features that a comprehensive lighting control system can afford you. 


Lighting control systems can also offer improved room aesthetics, and more intelligent and efficient operation. You've seen the visually obtrusive, unsightly row of 6 or 7 light switches, side-by-side in the wall; all of them unlabeled. If you want to turn on the under-cabinet lighting, you start at the left switch and work your way to the right, until the lights pop on. Well, no more of that. One clearly labeled keypad can replace all of those other individual switches. Quickly adjust precisely what you want on the first try, all while freeing up space on your wall and improving cosmetics.


Additionally, you can group individual lights into "scenes." One press of the "GOODNIGHT" button might turn off all the lights except one in the kitchen and your landscape lighting. "MIDNIGHT" may activate path lights to the bathroom, or front door (so you can let Fido go outside). These can be completely personalized to fit your lifestyle...


Lighting control even allows for reactive events, like flashing all of the lights when the security system sounds, or activating all of the lights if the smoke alarm goes off. Improving your safety and security is just another tremendous benefit of automated lighting control systems. 


Your Window Treatments Can Be Smart, Too...

Walk over. Reach behind the drapes. Find the pull string. Pull it in the wrong direction. Correct. Pull it in the proper direction. Repeat for the shears. Repeat for blinds. Return to doing what you were doing... That's the old caveman way...


Open your app, pick up your remote, or stand by your in-wall keypad. Press a button. Watch your blinds/drapes/shades all simultaneously move to a preset level of open or close. THAT'S the C.A.V.E.S. man way.


Motorized window treatments can be controlled independently or can be triggered by your ClareHome automation system.

• Imagine waking up every morning to a gentle opening of your bedroom draperies over the period of an hour.

• Trigger the blinds on the west side of the house to close in the afternoon if the temperature inside eclipses a certain warmth. 

• Close the Roman shades in the media room as soon as you start a movie.


They're practical. They're convenient. And they're also really cool. And the would love to personally explain the benefits to you when you call…


Save Energy (and money) With Smart HVAC...

In replacing your old thermostat with a programmable one, you gain the ability to program your thermostat to perform various ways and specific times. This is a nice feature.


A smart thermostat can automatically make adjustments based on other actions. With the help of an automation system, you can create customized events and a symbiosis with other systems in the home:

• When the alarm is set to armed away, turn down the temperature by 10°. 

• If a certain temperature is reached, a command can be issued to turn on a ceiling fan, or open/close blinds

• You can remotely log into your smart "stat" and adjust the temperature before you leave work.


These devices are compatible with most HVAC systems. Start saving energy today!! Replace your old thermostat with one that's much, much smarter!!







Lighting Control, HVAC, and Automated Window Treatments...

These three sub-systems can really help you stay comfortable, save energy, and even help to save you money. These systems can be deployed in a stand-alone fashion or, to really maximize their performance capabilities, be deployed in a managed automation system; allowing them to take their operational cues from other sub-systems, and work symbiotically with those systems. They are largely scalable; so you can start small or strategic, and grow your system over time. However you chose to use these systems, we're quite confident that you will quickly fall in love with the unparalleled level of convenience that they offer. You may even qualify for certain tax incentives!!


While including them in your construction project will offer the greatest level of performance flexibility, there are many retrofit options as well... So you can turn your 1890's colonial into a smart, energy efficient, technological marvel. Your C.A.V.E.S. man can offer more details on operational specifics and design ideas, so call today!!

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