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smartbox: The best 
free-to-guest solution.
Stop paying more for the same shows...

With a variety of DISH Packages to choose from, it’s easy to get the channels you need at the price you want. And only DISH allows you to build your own package!! With the innovative Flex Pack, Dish starts you out with a skinny line-up of popular channes. Then, if you'd like, you can add-on channel "packs" based on your viewing habits. Qualified DISH Packages will lock in your rate for 2 years, guaranteed, and also come with free HD for life!

Best of all, Dish has programming packages that start at just $36.99/mo.!! Get the best value in entertainment and switch to DISH today!


And Dish is more than just TV...

Why pay two big bills when you can pay one smaller bill? Bundle DISH Packages with dishNET and save!!! dishNET satellite internet is a great solution for residences and businesses residing in an area where traditional internet providers are not available. In select markets, DISH has partnered with local providers to ensure there is a bundle option that fits your needs and your budget.



Ready to order?? Have questions?? Need help deciding which package or options are right for you?? Click below or just call...

smartbox™ can revolutionize your property's TV distribution.

smartbox™ saves you space and money, while providing a single TV solution for your entire property.

  • Dramatic cost-savings on installation and maintenance over traditional platforms.

  • Takes up 93% less space.

  • Uses 90% less power for low operation cost.

  • Reduces downtime with simplistic design and virtual monitoring and maintenance

Imagine not needing to dedicate an entire room to your head-end TV system. Imagine the cost savings that your property can realize by using a substantially more energy-efficient platform that doesn't need independent cooling. Imagine a platform that can be remotely monitored to catch some problems before they ever appear  With built-in redundancy to mitigate how impactful any problem actually is.











Contact a for additional information on all of the outstanding benefits the smartbox™ can offer your business.

What is Dish SDS??

DISH SDS is a program geared toward the MDU market that allows all of the tenants in one building to share one centrally located dish, keeping the property asthetics clean of multiple satellite dishes attatched to balconies or common areas.

So why Dish SDS?

-Tenants have a federally protected right to add satellite service/dishes to any area not common to the property. This usually results in balcony areas or common grass areas being peppered with satellite dishes, compromising the aesthetics of your property.

-Dishes must face a southern exposure, potentially leaving a large segment of the tenancy without a satellite TV option.

-Dish SDS gives your tenants the option to procure a better TV value than cable, from any side of the building.

-Dish SDS keeps your complex from being cluttered with numerous satellite dishes.
-Dish SDS allows both landlord and tenant to “get what they want;” promoting a more harmonious relationship.
-Dish SDS rewards the property owner per activation vs. no reward if the tenant arranges for satellite services on their own.

-It costs the property owner nothing!! 

Dish SDS:
Keep your MDU free of the clutter.


C.A.V.E.S. Integration offers Dish solutions for commercial clients, as well!! We can offer custom DISH packages that give your business more choices at a better value. Dish also offers innovative programs, like the Dish Shared-Dish-System for MDUs, and smartbox™ for businesses that deploy free-to-guest solutions. Whether a waiting room, restaurant, retail business, apartment complex, hotel, hospital, or even something else; Dish has an outstanding value-added solution for you!! 

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