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Safe. Secure. Convenient.

C.A.V.E.S. Integration offers a wide range of electronic security products for residential and commercial applications. C.A.V.E.S. can install traditional monitored alarm systems, CCTV/surveillance cameras, keycard/keyless access control systems, and PERS systems. With reasonable monitoring rates and personal levels of service, why wouldn't you want to be protected by a C.A.V.E.S. man??


You've probably seen ads to this effect: "FREE ALARM TO A GOOD HOME..." This is the pinnacle of bait and switch tactics. If you examine the details on most of these offers, you'll find inflated monitoring costs, insufficient hardware to protect an average sized, yet alone above average sized space, and hardware geared toward ease of install instead of ideal result.   


C.A.V.E.S. Integration can perform an evaluation of your space, and then, based on those findings, present an optimized security package that will offer real protection; not just a false sense of security...


Call C.A.V.E.S. Integration today to find out more details on all of our security offerings for residences and businesses alike!!!

Access control

Keep sensitive areas secure by having C.A.V.E.S. Integration install an access control system. These systems help deter unauthorized access to rooms or spaces by supplementing or replacing a traditional door lock, with one that requires an access card or punched code to operate.


Traditional access control involves an RFID card, (pictured) that is passed over a reader, which unlocks the door. However, Bluetooth or electronic deadbolts operated form a smartphone, tablet, or on-board keypad have become another relevant, lower cost option in recent years.


Need to keep certain employees out of specific areas of your business? Don't want to change the locks every time you dismiss an employee? Want to keep little Suzy out of the home office while you're out of the house?? Access control systems can help simply your life, and possibly even save you money.

CCTV and Video surveillance...

Video surveillance is a constantly evolving technology. Modern CCTV cameras can be separated into 2 generic subsets: Analog and digital (or IP-based).


Analog cameras are wonderful "bang for the buck," but often times have inferior imaging and resolution specs when compared to their digital IP counterparts; which may offer resolutions upwards of 5MP (mega-pixels). Better resolution = better detail. CCTV cameras can even be used to trigger events and actions when used in conjunction with your alarm and automation system!!


Your can help you select which system is right for you, choose specific cameras for specific applications, assist with calculating your necessary recorded storage needs, and professionally design a full surveillance layout so that "no corner goes uncovered..."


P.E.R.S. and
Aging in Place

Personal Emergency Response Systems


Many people still remember the "I've fallen..." ads from years gone by. Well, PERS systems are more popular today than ever before. PERS technology allows for an independent lifestyle while offering the peace of mind that if anything were to happen, help can summoned immediately. These systems, while commonly associated with those "aging in place," actually have a broad range of applications and may also be of value to those afflicted with certain medical conditions or those recovering from a medical procedure that may leave them uneasy on their feet.


Modern day PERS have very flexible communications requirements so certain systems don't even require a telephone line. With very reasonable monitoring rates, short term contracts, and renowned C.A..V.E.S Integration service and support, we hope you'll consider us if you decide a PERS is right for you or your loved ones...

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