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Smart, Outdoor, Mirror, 3D, or 4K: We Have Your Next TV...
Media Room, 
Dedicated Theater Room, or Both??  

There's no better place to watch a movie than in your very own dedicated theater room. Designed to mimic commercial theaters, most home theater rooms consist of a projector, screen, high performance 7.1 audio, a controlled lighting environment, and are usually rectangular in shape. C.A.V.E.S. Integration can create a fully themed room, with stadium-style tiers of comfy, motorized theater seats, acoustical treatments, and luxury amenities, like starry ceilings, movie art, and popcorn machines. You'll never want to "go out to the movies" again...



Conversely, "media room" has become the generic term for a multipurpose space that is outfitted with a large flat-screen TV, surround sound system, and cozy seating. The flexibility of a media room is more practical for people who want to do more than sit in the dark and watch movies.  A media room is a more social experience.  You're watching the ballgame, and playing with the kids, and flipping through the day's mail...


Whether you chose a media room system, a dedicated theater, or both, you can be sure that C.A.V.E.S. Integration will offer you the best advice, system design, product, and system installation.

So many TVs, so little time... to learn about them all. That's why the stays up to date on all of the current and relevant TV technology. We've chosen specific brands that offer the best combination of performance and reliability.  We can explain what 4K is and why it is important. What's better: LED or OLED?? We know. Just give us a call.


In addition to traditional, flat panel television, C.A.V.E.S. Integration offers unique products that may be the perfect fit for your unique application.  


• Mirror and art frame TV's appear to be standard mirrors or pieces of art when turned off, but are full-featured TV's when turned on.

• Motorized mounts allow TV's to be concealed in pieces of furniture or other hollow structures.  

• Sunbrite TVs are dedicated outdoor TV's that are overbuilt to compensate for added heat, moisture, dust, and sunlight. If you want to have a monitor outside, Sunbrite TVs are a much better choice than a repurposed traditional indoor TV. 


In addition to TVs, C.A.V.E.S. offers countless custom installation accessories that add style and improve the function of your flat panel TV or theater projector. Have a vision or an idea, don't hesitate to run it past us... We can usually turn a vision into a reality...


Distributed video systems use electronic switchers to send any of your video sources to potentially any room in your house. In most distributed video applications, all of your cable or satellite boxes, Apple TVs, Roku boxes, movie servers, and other video sources would be centrally located in an equipment rack somewhere in your home (or business). These sources can then be sent to any TV that is wired into the distribution network. 


Think of the benefits:

• Rather than renting a cable/sat box for every TV you have, you really just need one for every individual in the household. So if you have 8 TVs but only 4 people in the household, you’re saving the rental fees on those extra boxes. 

• By “assigning” cable/sat boxes to family members, you can lock out certain channels on little Sally's cable box, no matter what TV she's watching from, but still have full access to all of the channels on your cable box. 

• Your personal cable box basically "follows you" from room to room. Imagine going from the garage, to the workout room, to the bathroom, to the living room with the Cavs game already cued up on each of those TVs. Miss that last slam dunk as you switching rooms? Just rewind your DVR and watch it again. 

• Since everyone gets their own DVR, you'll be less likely to run out of DVR space or have someone else "accidentally" erase a program you have yet to see. 


The same principles apply to other video sources that are part of your distributed video system:

• You can start watching a Blu-ray on your Fusion Media Server in the media room, and, if you start getting tired, pause it, and pick it up in the bedroom. 

• If you started binge watching Breaking Bad on your Apple TV's Netflix app in the living room, you can send it to the kitchen TV and keep watching while you're making dinner.


These are just a few examples of the benefits that a video distribution system can offer. Contact C.A.V.E.S. Integration for a more in-depth explanation of this valuable amenity!!!

Streaming video services are an increasingly popular way of instantly watching movies and TV shows without "grabbing the disc." Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon Video offer a fairly robust catalog of titles, and good video and audio quality, but still pale in comparison to Blu-ray discs, qualitatively speaking. If your home network and internet speeds are not up to par, you can experience playback problems, like buffering or a reduction in stream resolution. If you anticipate a significant amount of streaming video in your future, you'd be wise to have the revamp your home networking system. We can mitigate any potential adverse streaming issues by optimizing your network and maximizing your download speeds. 


As indicated above, the best quality movie experience comes from a Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray discs contain massive amounts of information. High-res 1080P video, and uncompressed, high resolution audio and soundtracks offer the most immersive and enveloping theater quality experience. Many titles are even available in a 3D recording.


But a large library of discs can take up valuable shelf or cabinet space and needs an efficient cataloging system. Has the disc been scratched due to taking it out of it's case excessively?? Is it even in the case that it's supposed to be in?? Fusion Movie Servers are the perfect solution. 


With Fusion servers, you digitally store the movie on the server's hard drive. After it is loaded onto the server, you can playback the movie right from the hard drive. Navigating your movie library is simplified with sortable search features and a colorful user interface that shows the cover art of your movies. Since you don't actually touch the discs more than once, there's little chance of scratching or damaging your movie.

And if you run out of storage space on your hard drive, we can inexpensively add additional external hard drives to expand your storage.


Interested in finding out more? The would love to answer any questions you may have about this intriguing and fascinating product.

Distributed Video System:
The Coolest Service You've Never Heard Of...
Movie Servers and Streaming Media...

4K, 3D, HDTV, 1080P, HDMI, OLED; More Than Just Alphabet Soup...

The video category is not only one of the most dynamic categories, but can also be the one of the most confusing. So trust C.A.V.E.S. Integration to expertly craft the perfect media room or home theater. We'll base our product and system recommendations off of what you watch and how you watch it, the room it will be placed in, and other often overlooked variables. 


Want an elaborate, dedicated theater that rivals the Cinemark? No problem... Want a system that sounds great when turned on, but is invisible when turned off? Maybe a mirror TV and in-wall speakers are what's called for. From the flattest of flat-panel TVs, to 150" projector screens, to incredible and enveloping surround sound... A call to C.A.V.E.S. Integration is the first step in redefining how you experience movies and television!!

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