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Pandora comes to Apple TV...

Pandora is easily one of the most popular streaming audio services in existence today. And Apple TV is one of the most popular streaming media players in existence today. So, in true, “You got peanut butter in my chocolate” form, Pandora has introduced a true native app for the latest version of the Apple TV. Until now, the only way to play Pandora through Apple TV was with AirPlay, which eats precious battery strength. Now, via an app that can be downloaded in the TVos app store, Apple TV users can have access to a beautiful, TV screen-sized interface and play your Pandora stations directly from your Apple TV; no iPhone or iPad needed!!

So now everything is good in the world, right?? Well… As of this post, there doesn’t appear to be any Pandora support for the all of the legacy Apple TVs out there. And there is also an infrastructural side of things. The new Apple TV only has an HDMI output. Most devices that you’ll want to listen to music from (like true stereo receivers) don’t support an HDMI connection. So, if you want to hear Pandora through the A/V system that said Apple TV is hooked up to, then these new developments are indeed advantageous.

However, if you have a whole home audio system, or a even just a basic stereo system, there are more practical ways to listen to Pandora. Devices like Bluesound and Sonos are still the C.A.V.E.S. endorsed method of streaming audio for enhanced flexibility and fidelity. But it is nice to see that Apple and Pandora have, at least, agreed to coexist and offer the end user an attractive, streamlined method of use for local system playback.

What do think? Do you use Pandora? Will you go get a new Apple TV to take advantage of the new integration feature? Leave a comment on our Facebook page; we’d love to hear you chime in!!!

Source: Pandora.

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