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May the Force be with your... home theater??

While dedicated home theaters are, in and of themselves, somewhat unique, they can be the quintessential expression of your own, personal fanaticism. But that fanaticism is usually expressed with a few movie posters and maybe a piece of memorabilia or four… Some may go the extra mile and even add an authentic popcorn machine, or the like.

But what do you do when you have a serious passion for, say, Star Wars, and a serious budget to spend on that passion?? Well, you create a Star Wars themed media room, of course!!

While these are obviously “over-the-top,” C.A.V.E.S. Integration can help create any type of theater room: from the more conservative, to the fun, audacious rooms spot-lighted in the article above. Please feel free to contact us to explore how valuable an amenity that a dedicated home theater room can be!!!

And just for fun, let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page, what your ultimate home theater room would be modeled after!!!

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