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CES Update (Yes, it's a little late...)

So another CES has come and gone. No I didn’t go to Vegas to see it firsthand, but as I anticipated, there were drones a plenty, mucho, mucho smart wearables, ideas for self-driving automobiles, and even a personal drone-like helicopter. I was surprised by how much VR (virtual-reality) product was shown, as it doesn’t seem to have an enormous amount of interest from the public at large… As I stated in my last post, if you really are a fan of tech, generically speaking, I would encourage you to Google CES coverage and check out the ridiculous doo-dads that show up at a trade show like this. I can’t address all of what was shown out there, but over the next few days I will post some quick highlights from CES as it pertains to C.A.V.E.S. Integration.


The next generation of Dish’s Hopper DVR will clearly be their, if not the industry’s, best attempt at a DVR. All of the traditional Hopper features appear to remain, but they’ve included a whopping 16, yes, 16 tuners!!! In layman’s terms: You can record 15 shows and still watch a live program. Now just one Hopper can truly be the centerpiece of a whole house DVR system; no matter the size of the family recording tendencies…

Another cool new Hopper feature will be the unveiling of “Sports Bar Mode.” This will allow the playback of 4 separate streams on one TV. Four games. Four New Year’s Eve countdowns. Four breaking news events. This is a feature that usually requires an external device that isn’t necessarily inexpensive. All included in the Hopper. Additionally, Dish will be adding a HopperGo hard drive that will let you watch shows on the go w/o any need for internet.

Lots of really impressive improvements. Dish has also recently launched a new promotional rate that allows you to lock in your TV rate for 3 years; no fluctuations or increases...

For more details on the upcoming Hopper release, click here.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to call the I’ll be happy to answer any question I can.

The next CES recap/blog post will cover the changing landscape of TV technology; 4K content, what is HDR, and even higher resolution and larger TVs that will be realized soon… Stay tuned...


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